What are we doing here? (First Cushion Post)

Well hello there!

Welcome to Cushion Cut, blog of my future. If you’re a reader of Against Type, thanks for sticking with me. If you’re new, thanks for checking me out (you can get a feel for my history–and mad* writing stylz–from my past posts, which I slung in my pack and brought with me).

So why the move? And what’s going on here? I started a blog on my creative endeavors years ago partly as a self-promotion tool, and partly as a see-what-I’m-up-to marquee. As time has gone on, my activities and interests have expanded considerably. I’ve found myself with a lot to say and no appropriate place to say it.  Doubtless it’s a rarity when it comes to blogs, but my scope needed to broaden.

My time and attention are pulled in million different directions. I bet yours are too. This generation–the millenials, if you please–have more going on than any before. Our parents are retiring. We’re getting married. We’re considering parenthood (or not). We’re considering changing jobs (or not). We read, we think, we daydream. We have ideas, opinions, and tiny 401(k)s. We worry–about our health, our looks, our finances, the environment, the economy, the future. We care–about siblings and social crises, about pets and pop culture. We’re doing awesome things–writing books, starring in movies, opening businesses. And we’re facing enormous challenges: moving away (or back home!), losing friendships, losing jobs, losing grandparents. No one role–child, sibling, spouse, employee, parent, actor, writer–can completely define us. These are all facets of who we are and what we think and do.

In short (or should I say long…you’ll notice brevity is not my strong suit), we’re like cushion-cut diamonds. Unique, pillow-like in appearance, but tough as nails. And the more facets we have, the more we shine. So nothing is off limits! If it’s a part of your world**, we’ll talk about it here.

*As in Hatter, not as in Men

** Be prepared for corny jokes, bad puns, and frequent references to The Little Mermaid.

The Little Mermaid (1989 film)

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