Stop Everything: Your New Fall Wardrobe is Here

14 Sep

When I was growing up my mom was really into hunting for old stuff. She had an antique business and could spend hours scouring the booths at antique shoes and flea markets looking for treasures to resell (or decorate our house). She was also really good at finding gems at places like Goodwill or Value Village (vintage pumps for $4? Yes please). Although I liked seeing the spoils, I used to hate, I mean hate actually shopping at any of these places with her because it took FOREVER. Recall, these were the days before Kindle and smart phones.

Of course my mom has the last laugh because now, I am that person. Well, I don’t have an antique booth, and I may never be as thorough a treasure hunter as she is, but I love culling through old stuff trying to find something good.

Which brings me to thredUP.* Have you guys heard of this?

*This is not a sponsored post. I’m just a very satisfied customer. All of the items featured in this story were bought with my own money.

Basically, it’s an upscale consignment website. People from all over the place send in their very gently worn (and in some cases brand new) better brand cast-offs and the site resells them at steep, I mean steep discounts (usually 70% or more). It would not be hard for me to spend hours just paging through everything remotely in my size and snapping up dealzies.

For instance, can we please talk about this Alexander McQueen coat that wants to be part of my life? It is 79% off people. Of course I still can’t afford it, but dang, that’s a good deal!

I prefer to shop at middling brands that normally I could only afford one or two minor pieces (J Crew, Madewell, etc.) that coordinate with my existing wardrobe. I also love to get a good helping of the cheapest brands thrown in (Forever 21, Old Navy) because that stuff is often never worn (idk, regret purchases?) and will be literally, like $4 or $5. That’s the price of a latte!


Cardigan: J Crew via thredUP, Dress, bag: Target, Shoes: Xoxo (old), Sunglasses: free swag from P’s vet clinic #donthate

ThredUP is easily searchable by pretty much every filter you can think of: type of garment, size (it will automatically look for equivalent sizes to compensate for the fact that brands size differently), brand, condition, style, and price. And for you designer snobs out there, they have those all cordoned off in a separate section. Descriptions include fabric content and washing instructions, if any of you other mamas have sworn off hand-wash only for the forseeable future. They also have shoes, scarves, bags, and accessories.

It’s like going to the Buckhead Goodwill store, only without the gross smell and the selection is from the entire country. Kinda makes you want to attempt to be a fashion model (SNORT).


Top, Shoes: Forever 21 via ThredUp, Skirt: Max Studio via ThredUp, Anklet: Jewelry auction via my grandma, On Nails: Julep lacquer in Soleil (fingers) and Julep (toes)

Dress: Miss Me via ThredUp, shoes: Target, Clutch: Mark, Earrings: Vintage

Dress: Hello Miss via thredUP, shoes: Target, Clutch: Mark, Earrings: Vintage

ThredUP also has children’s clothes, mamas. I got T a complete back to school wardrobe for less than two twenny-twens (are we still saying that? No? Well I am).

It’s a lot of fun, because you get to hunt for things without having to stand up. Just beware–items can only remain in your cart for 24 hours. Once they’re removed, somebody else could snatch them up! (Fellow wafflers, don’t fret: it doesn’t happen that often…I can usually retrieve my finds from the “recently removed” list in my cart…but I did just miss out on a perfecto classic denim jacket in this way, so. Fair warning.)

H&M Jean Jacket 6

The one that got away…

Of course not everything is perfect. Sometimes the flaw on something is not as tiny as they say. They used to do these mini curated collections but have since stopped, and I really liked that feature because thousands of items can be overwhelming to sift through, even for natural born raised hunters like me. But their return policy is pretty good (100% store credit, or refund minus a flat $8.99 for shipping).

rebel round 1 021

Pants: Gap via thredUP, Top: Heritage 1981, Scarf: local boutique, Shoes: Sam & Libby, Earrings: Bauble Bar, On Nails: Julep lacquer in Margit

Excited yet? You should be, because if you visit the site through Cushion Cut’s link, you’ll get $20 to shop with. No catches! Just click on that link (except yes, you’ll need to make an account, blah. But you’d need that anyway to get stuff shipped to you). That’s all you have to do! (This is very special guyz–$10 credits are the norm).

Happy fall shopping!


P.S. Want more free stuff? The nail colors in this story are all from Julep, a polish company that makes breathable nail color (so your nails don’t turn yellow–ick). I subscribe to their monthly box o’ polishes and am pretty obsessed. If you want a free box (three colors!) just click here!


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