Everything is Awesome

29 May

Happy Friday!

As if the three-week run of temps in the mid-80s wasn’t enough of an indication, Memorial Day’s passing means summer–season of warm nights and mosquito bites–is officially here!

The beginning of summer is my absolute most favoritist time of year. It’s time for picnics and outdoor movies when it’s nice, puddle hopping and reading when it’s not (which is basically every other day here. Since when is Atlanta the tropics?). It’s the time to grab that iced coffee, roll the windows down, and crank up the tunes. I hope summer 2k15’s playlist lives up to the bar set by last summer’s. I’m grooving on this track right now.


It feels like everything good and exciting is just ahead of you. For me that includes not one, but two beach trips. (Look for a post about emergency bikini-readiness in the near future!)

But a lot of good stuff is right here, right now. Here’s what I’m grooving on this month.

Venus Swirl

If you’re me, you’re wondering why you can spend 50% of your shower attempting to shave your knees and still see those light fluffy hairs the second you hit a patch of sunlight. Lo and behold, somebody finally took the technology that dudes use to hug chin stubble and made it into a lady razor. If you’ve heard of this and are wondering if it actually works? It does.

There’s now a baby-smooth place on the hollow of my ankle that probably hadn’t been graced with a blade in like, four months. Imagine that if you will. The only downside is you’ll have to get a second job to afford the refill cartridges, but hey. Beauty is pain.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Topcoat

After trying about 42 brands of top coat (many of which were high end) trying to get a “gellish” effect, I got this one in a Hail Mary pass at Target. It’s a miracle! Check this out.

The blobs you see are from crappy cuticles and lack of skill.

The blobs you see are from crappy cuticles and lack of skill, not chipping.

This is day five of this manicure. On my right hand. And I type all day, do the dishes, and have a very deep purse to dig in.

One caveat is that it takes a bit of time to dry completely. So don’t do it an hour before bed or you’ll get sheet prints.

Turn, Turn, Turn

Fact, we’re living in a new golden age of TV. I’m always looking for new favorite shows to watch, especially a little off the beaten path. But if you’re part of a couple you know that you don’t always have the same favorites. P and I both got into this AMC show hard.

I’d never even heard of it, but Netflix’s scary accurate algorithm predicted I’d five-star like it, and I five-star did. (How did it know I am a Revolutionary War era nerd when most of what we Netflix is Wild Kratts and Daniel Tiger? I’ll sure as hell never know.) We actually finished the available episodes weeks ago, and I still keep wishing I could watch it.

Mic Drop

BBC is making a TV drama about the Bronte Sisters.

Mic Drop Again

Colin Firth is playing Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady on Broadway.

Another openin’ of a Another Show

You may recall that a short play I wrote was accepted and produced in an original works festival called Onion Man Summer Harvest last year. This year I’m performing in that festival. P directed me in this short. We did not kill each other, even though he made me do improv (revenge for my making him help demonstrate choreo for Hairspray). The one I’m in is called Amber Light and it was written by one of the actors who performed in the play I wrote last year. This year she’s playing a character in a totally different play whose name happens to be Amber. How cool is that?

My scene partner J is rad-a-ma-tazz. Ours is one of only two heavy pieces in the showcase, so of course we can’t take a normal backstage photo.

That photobomb hand belongs to the playwright. We kept saying we were going to crop her out until we realized: she probably should’ve legit been in the pic HA.

Alas, it’s hard to get support for new work in this city of perennial Steel Magnolias and Legally Blonde revivals. If you’re in the area, I’m officially inviting you–it runs through June 7. Tickets are cheap as heck and available here and at the door.

So many good books

I’m pretty much living 80% of my life in other worlds right now. Look for a book review post coming soon!


As soon as I get done with Harvest Fest I’m diving into another show called The Hundred Dresses. This will mark the first time I’m officially playing a mother on stage. It’s a mainstage production, not a junior show, yet I’m one of only three adult actors—the rest are fifth graders. But these are talented fifth graders so it’s OK. One of my dear castmates from Blythe Spirit is doing the costumes. But the super-cool thing is that my super-artistic mom will be featured strongly in this show. I don’t want to give too much away, but she’s finally getting to almost fulfill her childhood dream of being a fashion illustrator and costume designer. I’m basically more excited for her than for myself.

Dress collage

Sunscreen Smackdown

Consumer Reports just came out with the results of its 2015 sunscreen test. So did the Environmental Working Group.

And they are totally at odds with each other.

Both of them say that the majority of sunscreens don’t actually do what they say they do, but they completely disagree on which is which (No-Ad made the top 3 for CR, while I’m pretty sure the folks at EWG would sooner eat No-Ad than put it on their skin). Am I the only one that find this kind of thing hilarious?

EWG says spray sunscreens will keel you and yer chilren, while not one, not two, but five of the sunscreens that passed the CR test are–you guessed it–sprays.

The root of the problem is that EWG says that mineral (aka natural) sunscreens are the safest, while CR maintains that–well–they don’t actually protect you from the sun.

The end result is that for another year, we’re left to stand in the sunscreen aisle utterly flummoxed about what’s best again, and probably end up not using it right again, and getting melanoma again (wait–what?).

The only sunscreen the two managed to agree on is….guess.

Freakin’ Coppertone Water Babies. That’s right, the same crap that made that gritty, stingy reapplication at the beach hell on earth for us as tots.

…And one huge let down

I tried Bulletproof Coffee just for the heck of it. It’s a thing. It’s a gross thing though. I just used the knife I’d buttered my toast with to stir my coffee–so I guess maybe I didn’t really do it right? It just made my teeth feel scummy all day though. Do not want.

What are you into this May?


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    […] If you’re a theatre person, you’ve already heard of the musical Hamilton, the hip hopera biographic of that dude on the ten dollar bill that got killed in a duel. And if you’re not a theatre person, you’ve probably heard of it too. But have you read the annotated lyrics on Genius? Genius.com, the site where users and artists can footnote the lyrics of pop music, has done an utterly epic job of breaking down the musical line by line. Even before this particular cultural phenomenon hit the scene last year, Alexander Hamilton the person was enjoying a slight resurgence in admiration after years of being eclipsed by the other founding fathers who were his ideological rivals (and incidentally, didn’t die in duels). In the musical, all those old white dudes are played by young black and brown people. Even the women get a decent word in, which is saying a lot for both then and now. So now, A. Ham is basically a cult hero and everyone and their mother is interested in American history, which is nothing but awesome. (But I’d like to take a moment to remind you all that – ahem- I was into this time period before it was cool). […]

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