DIY Tutorial: Lip n’ Lotto Favors (free printable)

19 May

I’d like to share with you a very easy craftish gift I made for Teacher Appreciation Week. I did them at the last minute because obviously. The bad news is that it’s too late for Teacher Appreciation Week this year. The good news is…well…they’re easy to do last-minute (and in all seriousness, you can still use these for thank-yous, grads, end-of-year happies, party/wedding favors–all kinds of stuff!).


Every holiday, even some of the more obscure ones, my family always gives each other lottery tickets. Even my three-year old gets his own scratch-offs. He’s trained now; when he sees it fall out of the greeting card, he immediately goes to his piggy bank to get a coin.

So naturally, it was the first thing that came to mind when puzzling about what to get his preschool instructors for Teacher Appreciation Week. Cheaper than a fruit basket, healthier than baked goods, more original than a gift card, and (sorry, #honesty) more attractive than a child-made art project–and what better gift to give an underpaid teacher than a chance to strike it rich and immediately quit her job teaching your child?

At approximately $4.50 per card it’s pretty economical if you need to make multiples. We did one for every teacher at his school, because there aren’t that many to begin with, and they really do take turns watching each other’s classes.




lip balm of your choice – something for which you can think of a clever pun is ideal.

scratch-off lottery tickets

hole punch

string or raffia or ribbon

shiny new quarters (optional)

card stock or other high quality paper



Step 1:

Have someone lucky get the lottery tickets.

Sadly, in our family that is T. Do I look like Mother of the Year stuffing dollar bills into the scratch-off vending machine and making my tiny child push the buttons? Maybe not. But hear me out: in 3+ decades of life, I have won ($1 usually) on scratch-off cards maybe……4 times? In Tenny’s 3 + years of life, he has won on scratch off cards approximately 7 times. And once was for $20. I don’t math so I can’t tell you the exact odds in this scenario, but if I was receiving a lottery ticket from someone in our household I’d be banking on him.

Step 2:

Design your gift tags.

Iknow Iknow, my kid isn’t really a baby. But in our case it was still kind of appropriate. I’ve noticed that T requires a lot of speshul love and attention. (Why is my son on the teacher’s lap during reading circle when everyone else is sitting on the rug? I can’t be sure, but I bet it involved whining and tears).

Also, I think Baby Lips are fun and cute.

If you choose to use them, you’re welcome to print my version of the cards using the link below–it prints 3 to a letter-sized page, and there’s room for you to insert a name on the bottom right as you see in my version (just give me a shout out if anyone asks where you got the idea, k?).

Download the Printable

With a little creativity you can use any brand though. I was originally intending to give Burt’s Bees and put “Thanks a million for BEE-ing my teacher!” but I changed my mind because they didn’t have enough of the same flavor, and I didn’t want to cause a Battle Royale over who had to end up with Mango.

Baby, Baby, Baby OH

Step 3:

Print the cards and cut them out, then punch a hole in both the cards and the tickets.

I put the corner of the ticket (where the $1 sign is) the upper middle of the card and punched both together. This was so I didn’t accidentally put a hole through the winning number or something. Yikes.

Optional step: You can also tape a shiny new quarter to the back of each card so the lucky recipient can get to scratchin’ right away. 

Step 4:

String the ribbon or what-have-you through the holes in the card and the lip balm.



For this project you don’t have to unwrap and rewrap the balm in some cutesy and skillful way, like many other balm-based gifts I’ve seen. This works with the original packaging with the hanging hole already punched in. The Lazy Girl Way for the win!

I used plain old gift string, the kind you tie on a balloon. I like doing the curly thing with the side of the scissors–it’s literally the one crafty thing my mom was able to impart to me, so I don’t care how uncool it is–I’m doing it now and forevermore. And also T likes green and I felt he ought to contribute something other than his magic fingers. But feel free to get artisanal with it, with some recycled kraft raffia or whatever if that’s your jelly.

Million Dollar Baby


Step 5:

Find a cute way to arrange them and you’re done! Yay!


Did I dump our bread onto the stove in order to use this basket? Maybe.

For the record, they were a big hit. The whole week the teachers were coming up and telling me to thank my husband (I didn’t manage to get these ready until Friday which is P’s day for drop off, so he ended up with the credit. I know, what?). The cafeteria lady even won $20 on hers! I’m telling ya, ol’ Lucky Strike T over here.

Have fun!


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