Lazy Girl Fitness: Don’t forget the lazy part

27 Aug

Summer is winding down and yes, I am still plugging away at my fitness plan anyway. I told you it was a lifetime thing, right?

But the success of my efforts was debatable. Sure, you can see muscles on my thighs, and I have lost maybe a pound. But my waist is the same number of inches… and I have lost maybe a pound (I’ve been doing this since February, people!).

My health-conscious brother was in town recently and joined me for a few workouts, so I picked his brain about it. He said that I probably wasn’t working hard enough or eating right. To which I bristled. Wouldn’t you? (I remind you–February!)

But then he explained. It’s better to only work out every other day, but make those workouts more intense. And to make sure you eat enough before you do. What he meant, in other words, is that I wasn’t working efficiently. I was forgetting the two most lazy parts of lazy girl fitness: resting and eating.

I know, as we all do, that your muscles need recovery days to actually build up. I usually took mine on either Saturday or Sunday and went to the gym the rest of the week. What was happening is that I was getting tired, but thinking that some kind of work out was better than nothing, I was hitting the gym and just kind of putzing through. It was creating a vicious cycle of weariness where I was really only getting one intense workout per week, sometimes none.

My brother also had thoughts on eating–not what, but when. He suggested eating an hour before working out in order to have enough energy. I’ve heard so much conflicting info on whether/what/when to eat in relation to working out, so I’d chosen to ignore all of it and follow my natural hunger.

My natural hunger, however, wasn’t being cooperative. My eating schedule is such that I wasn’t hungry until right before my lunch break–which, duh. The problem is that I usually make the choice to go ahead and push through some semblance of a workout and eat lunch afterward. I’m able to do this because I eat a large breakfast when I arrive at the office (I like to leisurely chow while sifting through emails). Unfortunately, by the time I get hungry it’s too late–I have to put off eating.

I say unfortunately because I usually don’t feel like eating after exercising. I’ve told you before that exercise makes me seriously hungry, and it does (as it turns out, women more so than men. I knew I wasn’t crazy!). But not until several hours after. As a result, I get a massive chow attack around 3:30 PM, which then spoils my dinner. So not only do I eat a larger amount of calories later in the day, but it contributes to putting off my breakfast, starting the whole cycle over again the next day.

Basically, my way of doing things was taxing my metabolism.

So I’ve made a few small changes. I now work out every other day. On my workout days, I am doubling the intensity and cutting down on time with HIIT and Tabata style workouts (Tune in tomorrow for a sample workout schedule!). Not only do I feel like I’m getting a better workout, I now have time to actually eat on my break, if I feel like it. And on my off days, I can even go home and do chores or run an errand. Or even read a book — gasp!

The eating has been a bit more of a challenge. My ideal is to eat breakfast at home, i.e. earlier, giving me time to get hungry for a mid-morning snack, but that is very challenging for several reasons, most of them having to do with getting out of bed. So far all I’ve managed to do is force myself to eat a healthy snack (today it’s a green smoothie) an hour before working out. I’m still not hungry for it–yet–but I have to admit that I’m not so weary during lunch break workouts any more. I still don’t feel hungry for lunch until late in the afternoon, but I think my stomach just needs time to adjust to the new schedule.

It’s only been a week, and already I’ve noticed an increase in energy not just during workouts, but in general. Here’s hoping I start seeing some body changes soon!


Happy Labor Day and remember: every body is a bikini body!




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