DIY Memory Banner Tutorial

10 Apr

Hey, nobody ever said I was good at decorating. Or photography. But I promise, this will be a big hit!

We ended up with TONS of contributions for the jar project, more than double the 60 we needed. I didn’t want to exclude anybody’s memories–they were all so wonderful! By combining several memories that were similar or related, I was able to curate them down to 120–exactly sixty times two! Magic! So I decided to make this supplemental craft. It’s super easy, even for the lazy and disorganized (imagine how easy it would be if you aren’t!).

How to make a Memory Banner

a spin off of this tutorial

You will need:

old greeting cards (or new ones I guess, whatever, I’m cheap)


more labels or a nice pen if you are having a good-handwriting day

Step 1:

If you are interested in upcycling, this is a great use for old greeting cards. I went through a period where I saved ALL of them. I’ve been throwing all but the most special away lately in an attempt to get more organized…I thought more than one box like this was too much. But as you can see, I still had a lot to work with.

I can’t be the only person with a box like this hanging around.

Step 2:

Pick folded cards that are blank on one side of the inside. You’ll be writing or labeling the blank side, and this way you can still save any special notes written in the card (that’s the most important part of cards anyway, right?). Those little thank-you notes that people are always writing on pretty notecards are great for this, and if you’re like me, you probably have one or five cards in there from people and events you don’t even quite remember (or care to remember). Try not to be like me and start reading all the cards or you’ll be at this for hours. Just pick what will look pretty hanging up in a banner, and maybe not too seasonal (unless this project is for a specific holiday). I used about 45 cards to get 60 squares.

Step 3:

Cut a bunch of quadrilaterals out of the cards. The original tutorial used beautiful, even squares, but I didn’t worry too much about the size or shape as long as it was big enough to fit the label (variety is the spice of life). If you’re going to handwrite, you don’t have to worry about even that.

My stack of cut cards

It took exactly one episode of Snapped On-Demand to cut the greeting cards and affix the labels to them and the candy. It would have taken even less time had I been organized with the labels and not have to keep counting to sixty.

Step 4:

Apply the memory labels (leftover from the Sweet Sixty Jar, or if you’re doing only this project you’ll want to make them first) or write your memories on the back of the cards.

Step 5:

Punch holes in the top two corners of each card.

2014-04-03 20.59.36

The cards were all different colors and designs. I didn’t want the banner to be too discordant looking, so after the punching was done I sorted the card pieces, just very generally and vaguely, into a spectrum based on color.

Wreath o’ Cards

Step 6:

Trim a ribbon or string to size, depending on how close or far apart you want the cards. With as many as sixty, you could do a double banner. I ended up doing this on accident because my first spool of ribbon wasn’t long enough.

Craftin’ at rehearsal #likeWHOA

Step 7:

Thread the ribbon or string through the holes. I had two kinds of ribbon: a thin sparkly grosgrain and a wider, satiny ribbon. Just FYI, the thin ribbon was much easier to thread. The wide one kept getting corkscrewed, causing the cards to twist awkwardly instead of hang straight. It took some finessing to get those soldiers back in line. (Again, #HowNotTo)

The thinner ribbon fit perfectly through the punched holes.



2014-04-04 23.29.46


Seems like nothing special, but it makes a great keepsake!


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