Lazy Girl Fitness — Progress?

3 Apr

You may have noted earlier that I’ve actually been at this since late February. And I’m here to tell you there’s been a lot of road blocks.

On evenings and weekends, the time-suck that is rehearsing a show was compounded by social obligations like spending time with a good friend moving across the country and planning for my mom’s 60th birthday (really good things of course! Which is why I chose to do them instead of exercise). Then, a goodly portion of my precious lunch breaks were taken up by assorted crap: errands that couldn’t be avoided, work hours that had to be made up, lunch meetings…. Also, first me and then T were down with strep throat for a week, and then I had to go to the chiropractor twice a week for three weeks to treat a hairography injury (getting old sucks). And in case you were wondering, my plan to do mini workouts during downtime at rehearsals has happened approximately never.

But on most weeks I’ve been able to fit in about three or four workouts. So, not the ideal 5 or 6 times a week, but it’s a decided improvement over the once or twice (or none) a week of yore. Am I ready for a bikini? [Hell] no. But a few days ago, someone mentioned they can’t believe I had a baby, a compliment I haven’t heard in more than a year. Guys, seriously–I was weirdly slim n’ trim from about months 9 to 18 after T was born. Trimmer than I’d been on my wedding day.


Circa Labor Day 2012. Thank you, nursing and choreographing two back-to-back shows.

That’s really what I’d like to get down to again, but I’m giving myself until September (the date of my friend’s wedding) to reach that goal. One step at a time!

As for now, the difference really is only noticeable to me (P says he can see a difference, but I think he’s just being really supportive. He’s always loved an athletic lady–have you seen his island?).

OK. So, I keep screaming that I hate scales, and I really do. But even though I think the fit of your clothes is a more accurate benchmark than weight (and speaks more to my specific goal), I still need to see if anything is happening in that direction. So I have in fact weighed in a total of three times so far. The second time, and definitely the most depressing, was when I went to the doc for strep (why they need your weight for that in the first place: boggled). Not only had I been working out for a while at that point, but I had barely eaten or drunk in like 60 hours, due to throat fire. And I was still 120* lbs, same as when I started.

Although I’m not focusing on losing weight per se, I estimate my weight (again, thanks to a doctor visit around that time) to be about 109 lbs in the picture above, so clearly some weight droppage, measured or no, is in order.

Flash forward to last week, and the needle has budged downward exactly *drumroll* ….. one and a half pounds *insert kazoo sound*. But nonetheless, I am reaping some benefits. I don’t feel quite as vaguely gross now, and I have noticed increased energy. (Translation: on days when I’m tired I’m still able to function). Here’s a progress shot taken on that day last week.

And as a free bonus, #nomakeup #WHAT

And as a free bonus, #nomakeup #WHAT

Still have quite a ways to go of course. I haven’t noticed any pants falling off yet. (I got excited for five seconds when a size 26 jeans at GAP fit loosely–until I read a review online that they run large. WOMP WOMP).

I also seem to have a pesky deflated baby belly problem.

Oh, T. Good thing you were worth it.

Oh, T. Good thing you were worth it.

I’m not sure that I’m any stronger yet ….I attempted this and almost died.

Seriously, I had to skip 4 the second time around.

I had to skip 4 the second time around.

But I do hope to get a  few more muskles eventually. According to 8th grade health class, muscles are denser but more compact than fat, plus they burn calories even when you’re sitting around writing blog posts. Which fits right in with my smaller dress/ignore the weight rhetoric. So this month I am attempting both of these daily plans simultaneously, even on days when I don’t do anything else workout-wise. I mean, if I can’t manage six tricep dips a day I might as well get off the pot.

*Editor’s Note: 120 lbs has always been some kind of weird line in the sand. The last time I hit that number I was a sophomore in high school, and careened off into a/b land shortly thereafter. Obviously I plan to avoid that now. But still, seeing that number on the scale again fifteen years later started all this. Wouldn’t you avoid scales too?

P.S. I’m the editor. 

Coming up next…

More on my favorite subject: food. And the results of the Eat Pretty Quiz.


5 Responses to “Lazy Girl Fitness — Progress?”

  1. Wren April 3, 2014 at 6:24 pm #

    LOL yes, the dreaded deflated baby belly! I have one too, though it has gotten a lot better as the months have passed. I even had some abdominal separation but with work and time that has healed itself a lot as well. You look amazing!

    • janielyoung April 4, 2014 at 10:19 am #

      Thank you so much! What did you do to fix your ab separation? I’m not sure I officially have that problem, but it can’t hurt to work on it!

      • Wren April 4, 2014 at 4:24 pm #

        Well, I started slowly with a lot of small steps — one was turning to the side to get up out of bed instead of rising straight up — that helped to prevent any further damage — then, I would practice deep abdominal breathing and contract my stomach, pulling my navel in, hugging it to my spine–with abdominal separation the transverse abdominal is weakened so I avoided traditional crunches and sit ups in favor of planks. Planks are what really helped me, I think, as well as just time. You’ll know if you have it if you try to get up out of bed and your belly button pokes out, or if you bend your knees while lying down and place your palm on your lower stomach and then try to get up, you’ll feel the gap. It was so frightening as I hadn’t heard of it before until I actually had it! But it is a lot better now, with weight loss and working out. My stomach is not the same as pre pregnancy yet, but I’m willing to be patient with myself and as I said planks are a miracle! They really do tone the stomach and strengthen the body throughout.


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