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All I Want for Christmas

23 Dec

…And it’s not you. (Sorry honey! Love you!)

1. Red lipstick that stays on my lips and only my lips. Not my chin. Not my teeth. Not my sleeve. Not my chicken salad sandwich.

2. Someone to watch my child gratis for two hours three times a week so I can go to dance class. (Not asking for money to pay for the dance classes. See how unselfish I am?)

3. For Hogwarts to be a real place (located in England, not Orlando).

5. The ability for my toddler to get out of bed, pour himself a bowl of cereal, and turn on the TV – without waking mommy and daddy.

6. An outdoor cat. Or for the litter box to start magically cleaning itself.

7. A blow dryer that makes my hair do this without needing a boar bristle roundbrush, metal clips, and 18 hands.

8. And last but not least–for chips and salsa to be negative calories.

That’s it folks! Now dash away, dash away, dash away all!