Stream of Consciousness

2 Aug

The real question is: can I get back up?

5:25 PM

I can’t make a habit of coming to class twice a week like this or I’ll be broke–but hey, at least not as fat. Actually, I’m looking better than I did in class on Tuesday! Maybe it was just that stupid shirt after all…that’s the last time I buy something without trying it on, no matter how close the day care is to closing.

5:28 PM

Wow, everyone in this class is older than me. Except that girl in the blue shirt that just asked me about what shoes to wear. Shrugs and sorrys girl, this is my first time taking this class too. She put her stuff right next to mine, maybe we’ll strike up a convo on the water break and be dance buddies! I’m wearing my new jazz sneakers regardless, since they just happen to arrive today.  Why not live a little?

5:31 PM

These shoes are pretty snazzy! WHUT WHUT

5:35 PM

Ohmygaaaaaaah there is no grip in these shoes! If I fall and bust my ass should I stand up and take a bow or pretend it didn’t happen?  That lady looks like she has the same ones except she isn’t sliding. Maybe they have to be broken in.  I could definitely wear them out to the car. I knowing wearing dance shoes on pavement is a cardinal sin, but they’re soo cute.

5:40 PM

I totally got this. This class is easy! Sheesh, can we speed things up a little? I’m trying to get a workout here.

5:41 PM

Wait. Slow down. Ball change what?

5:52 PM

It’s cool, it’s cool. Nobody saw you check out your side profile in the mirror. Although perhaps you could be less obvious with the sucking in next time.

5:59 PM

I wonder if she’s making this up right now, or if she made it up yesterday in her living room. When I was teaching, I could never choreograph off the cuff. How do people do that?

6:07 PM

I am NAILING this! And I’ve got energy to spare! Look how high my leg is going on the hitchkick, and I didn’t even stretch!

6:11 PM

Yes! I didn’t mess up even a little for the video! OK maybe a little, but not like, obviously noticeably or anything. I wonder what that video’s for, anyway?…I’m not sure I want to end up on YouTube. Or not until I come to at least two – no – three more weeks of class.

6:20 PM


6:25 PM

Maybe I should start teaching again. I probably should. Or at least choreograph something else.

6:29 PM

AAAAGGGHHHH of COURSE I mess up when everrbody here for the next class is watching me. Ohmygaa I doubt they’re even watching you, Janie. What are they taking? They all look super-dancery. I keep ending up in classes with people wearing running shoes.

6:35 PM

I know I told P I’d be home at 7:00, but if I change my shoes reallllly slooowly I might catch the start of this contemporary class and see if I’m too rusty to pick up on it next week…Hey! The instructor’s coming this way! She’s smiling! She’s totally going to tell me how awesome I am! She’s going to thank me for coming and invite me back! She’s probably going to ask me to sub next week!

6:36 PM

Oh. Oh.. Yeah, I guess that girl in the blue shirt was pretty good. Sassy and all. Even if she didn’t wear any shoes and avoided eye contact during the water break.  LOL it’s cool, I’m sure they didn’t even notice you looking up like a dog expecting a biscuit. HA! I think she was right in the teacher’s sightline too, so, yeah. Makes total sense.

6:37 PM

I’m good too.

6:38 PM

I’m OK. I’m still pretty good.  I mean, I’m 30 now.

6:39 PM

It’s about getting fit anyway. No cancer!!!! I will be doing the funky chicken at T’s children’s children’s wedding!

6:40 PM

……I wonder what’s for dinner?


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