Easy Slow Cooker Recipe #2: Pork Tacos

9 Apr


1 pork loin

1 cup of salsa

½  cup of brown sugar

Cook on high 4-5 hours, shred. Serve on taco or tortilla shells with your choice of toppings.

My adaptations:

I made this recipe once before, and based on that experience, I decided to cut the brown sugar. Sweet tacos? I don’t know, to me it was weird. I also didn’t bother measuring the salsa—I just dumped in an entire container of the Kroger fresh salsa (found near the cheese), which we love and eat all the time. But the biggest change was unintentional: P brought home pork loin chops instead of a pork loin. But since I like to award A’s for effort (and I didn’t have the time), I decided to make due rather than exchange them.  Big mistake.

Level of Ease:


Level of tastiness:

5 / 1

(explanation of scoring here)

Kitchen Notes:

I go straight from the first recipe I tried to the latest—this was dinner last Saturday night. Right now you’re thinking, 5 and 1? What in the world? And I am saying to you that what followed the making of this dinner was the biggest drama since the lasagna pie fiasco of 2012. As indicated, this was brain-numbingly easy. I threw the whole thing into the big slow cooker because the smaller one is currently housing leftover Easter candy. I set it and forgot it. I took T to the park and when we returned for dinnertime, the house smelled wonderful. I gave the pot a little stir and removed the bones (you’ll remember this was chops). I’ve made a few successful slow cooker recipes with bone-in meat before, and this was even better than most. The bones fell right off clean as a whistle, the meat was so tender. Awesome!

We put it in tortilla shells with shredded cheddar and it was delicious; even Baby T who is currently enjoying a picky phase was chowing down. All of a sudden, P freezes mid-bite. Then he emits this loud, caveman-like, guttural shout and runs to the trash can and starts heaving and gagging. “OHMYGOD, WHAT’S WRONG?!?!” I screeched, frantically turning this way and that trying to remember where I left my phone, since it was clear I needed to be dialing 9-1-1. (T meanwhile, is still sitting in the chair, with a look on his face that could only be translated as, ah yes, another day at the Young household). “It’s a BONE! IT STABBED ME IN THE MOUTH!” P shouted, from his crouch on the kitchen floor. I opened his tacos and fingered through the meat (this was no time to be not-gross), and sure enough, I found one or two more small, but not microscopic, bone slivers hidden among the shreds. I’ll spare you the details of the ensuing argument; I believe it’s commonly referred to as The Blame Game. Even though a thorough inspection revealed T’s half-eaten taco to be clean, as was mine, we decided it was really a nice night for a dinner of frozen yogurt.

So that’s how we ended up at SwirlyTwirl eating chocolate-almond-gummy bear yogurt twenty minutes before bedtime, and this recipe gets a 5 / 1.

I definitely recommend this recipe, with my adaptations, and the small but very significant recommendation that you use BONELESS meat.


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