Peace out, 2012

31 Dec

In my observation, the last day of year, more so even than a day to recap, is a day to say screw it. Had a terrible last twelve months? Screw it. Spent more money in the last twelve weeks than in the six months preceding?  Screw it. Blew your diet in the last twelve days? Screw it.

But whether the year was amazing or wretched, the tendency is to wax grandiose.  Resolutions and top twenty lists all take a macro view that most of us don’t normally assume. Questions like, “where am I going?” and “what does it all mean?” and “who are these people?*” arise–especially now that the world is presumably going to continue.

But for the few of us that spend most of the time lost in big-picture mode (ahem…, I recommend taking this turning of the year one mundane moment at a time. Here’s a list of five immediate considerations to help you out.

1. Checking your bottle rocket trajectory to make sure it doesn’t include things like trash cans full of flammables,  your neighbor’s dog, or the squad car patrolling your street.

2. The questions of whether or not coffee mugs are an acceptable backup if there aren’t enough champagne flutes.

3. The best app for counting down to 2013 if you find yourself stuck on the subway/in line for the bathroom/in a ditch on the side of the road at midnight and can’t see whatever circular object you’re supposed to be watching drop.

4. Determining which of the stores nearest you are open New Year’s day in case you run out of coffee or toilet paper (really, are there any other essentials?).

5. And last and most importantly: exactly how many sequined, bejeweled, or otherwise glittery objects can I get on my person at once? (Or if you’re a dude, exactly how casual can I get away with dressing when my S.O. is wearing approximately forty reflective surfaces on her person).

Say cheese everyone, here comes lucky ’13!

P.S: I LOVE YOU. What mean to say is, thank you for being a Cushion Cut reader, whether regular or one-time-only. If you like what you see, tell a friend! Got an idea of something you want to see? Leave a comment!

*Uttered equally by those waking up in a house full of relatives or on a hardwood floor tomorrow.


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