Family Dysfunction Bingo

21 Dec

This Friday, many of us are either receiving an influx of relatives or venturing into the arms of some. For some (I count myself among the lucky), this is almost entirely a blessing. For many more, this is a necessary evil to be endured. In fact, family is ranked as one of the top stressors of the holiday season, second only to financial strain. That’s crazy.

If your response to that last sentence was “that’s not crazy. My family is crazy” than this game is for you! Or actually, it’s for anyone who wants to inject a little levity into what can be, even among the most functional (HA) of related adults, a tense situation.


All you need is a board and at least one sympathetic relative–a sibling, a cousin. Every time you hear one of the same. old. comments you’ve been hearing every gathering since puberty–instead of tearing your hair out or storming out of the house, simply mark the box accordingly. Whoever completes the first row texts BINGO to the other. I took the liberty of starting a board for you, filled with stereotypical complaints (are any of these heard at my actual family gatherings? I’ll never tell!)

Family Bingo

Obviously, the comment squares can be adapted to your family’s particular…. idiosyncrasies. In fact, that’s the fun of it! Bonus points for comment squares that make no sense to anyone that doesn’t share your last name.

Here’s a blank board. Just click on it, print it, and write in at-will. Before you know it, family tension will be a thing of the past.

Family Bingo - blank

(yeah, right ;).


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