Thrift Store Score!

11 Dec

The best things in life come when you’re not looking for them. True of love, and true of bargains. Rambling through the Goodwill store near my work the other day, I came across three such (good bargains, not true loves).

I was there looking for something for P and I to wear to a tacky Christmas sweater party. (I realized just how vain that particular search was when I heard three other people in the men’s section talking about the same thing. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find those things? And forget about buying new: ugly don’t come cheap).

But instead I found these three treasures, like my very own gifts of the magi.

A gray 100% cashmere short sleeve hoodie from J. Crew
A camel colored wool cardigan from Banana Republic (pictured: similar from Target)Cardigan
A long cowl neck patterned sweater tunic (with long sleeves!) from Loft.

Three of my favorite stores that I never shop in. And believe it not, there was nary a snag, pill, stain, or hole in the lot! All three set me back about $16.

Here’s how I would style the cardigan, if I actually had enough money to buy real clothes.


For the office:

My office has a semi-casual dress code, and I enjoy competing with the other wannabe fashionistas looking nice, so I would add black trousers and not-too-dangly earrings, and top it off (bottom it out?) with funky flats for all those trips to the copier.


For a shindig:

This outfit is made for an evening of Christmas carolling ending in a spiced eggnog and hot toddy cocktail party. Mmm. I love gold accessories with camel; it feels so 1930s lux. Tights, a wool cape, furry headgear and leather gloves would keep me toasty till I get to that eggnog.

If only I could find the rest of this stuff at Goodwill, right?


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