Captain Obvious has something to say about writers

27 Nov

Captain Obvious, here.

Not a lot of time to chat today, lads and lassies, but I had to make a quick stop by to make a vital observation, based on a year’s worth of reading.

Writers like reading. From whence did I draw this stunning conclusion? Look at the main characters in novels–they always love to read. If they don’t love to read, then a character close to them does. Generally a character we are supposed to like and/or sympathize with.

I know this is revolutionary, but think about the last few books you’ve read. I’m not a betting Captain, but if I was, I’d lay down a crisp Lincoln who’d say one of the characters in it is a reader.

Take my examples:

And When She Was Good: Prostitute-cum-Madame who loves political history and gets herself beat up by a pimp for – YUP – visiting the library. (Not an innuendo).

The Sweet Far Thing: Gemma Doyle is barely seen to read anything besides her mother’s diary or important missives from mysterious figures, but throws a conniption fit when her beloved Austens and Brontes get a little dog-eared.

The Thirteenth Tale: You really don’t even need to open the cover to see this is a book about reading (plastered in book spines. My kinda cover, actually). But if you did, you’d see the main character–who also happens to be a writer obsessed with sharp pencils–get so involved in her reading that she makes herself psychologically ill.

Harry Potterses: Sure, our hero is a man of action. He has that luxury when his best friend is so into books that she packs dozens of them in her super-duper-last-minute-emergency lifesaving magic marypoppins bag.

Conclusion: Write what you know, and writers know reading.

Until next time, kids, stay safe: comment on the weather and traffic.


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