23 Oct

Hey Hey! You may have noticed that I used to post every day, and now I don’t. That was a calculated move on my part, calculated with your entertainment and my sanity in mind (I see you in the peanut gallery saying you’re entertained by my insanity–trust me, it’s the opposite of interesting). Topmost and foremost, I am focusing on quality over quantity as an overall blog strategy. But also, let us not forget that I run this ride entirely in my spare time.

I work full time (I’ve got the annual United Way campaign coming up, which I chair), have a baby at home, and then of course there’s Tenny* (just kidding, P ;). I teach a dance class every week and am always making playlists, lesson plans, and choreography for that. I make a huge effort to spend quality (as in non-virtual) time with both husband and friends on a regular basis. All 457 books I’ve been on the waiting list for at the public library decided to become available at once, so I’ve been reading like crazy. I’m preparing to take a few resume-enhancing courses (HTML: I will bust you) while helping P prepare to take quite a few more when he goes back to finish his BA. Following the presidential race, working on Halloween costumes/plans, nursing a terrible cough and cold that’s making its way through everyone in the house, a dog with a slipped disk, and a washing machine and dryer that both broke in the same week round out my current working-on list. Facets!

But I don’t mean to complain. Things are going pretty great! (Well, besides the washer and dryer…curse you, BrandsMart). In fact, I’m so so excited to be resurrecting one of the most prominent facets of my personality over the next few weeks: performing! I have been cast in the musical Cabaret, which will be my first onstage appearance (unless you count the flash mob) since Steel Magnolias a.k.a. The Sticky Baby Dust Play two years ago. It’s a dance-heavy show too, my favorite!

Confession: I’ve been to several auditions since T was born, and haven’t been cast or even called back for any of them. I was in a dark place for a while, wondering if I still had it in me to act, whether it was selfish to spend the time away from my family anyway. After the last rejection I seriously considered quitting permanently.  Since I’ve spent the majority of my life pursuing the stage in some capacity, it was a gut-wrenching prospect, akin to contemplating losing a limb. There is very little else I’m good at or interested in, and although there’s probably a special spot for me in the terrible-mother Hell for saying so, work and family life aren’t enough to fulfill me. I felt like a total failure, compounded by the feeling that I was a failure for feeling like a failure over something as [comparatively] insignificant as community theatre.

But P talked me into going to this last audition, and I threw everything I had into it. And thank God I listened to him, because now not only am I doing a show, I feel a renewed vigor and interest in the whole process, which it must be confessed I had somewhat soured on in the last few productions I did. If you happen to be in the Atlanta area in December, I so hope you’ll come out. We had our first cast meeting last night to go over the vision, and it’s going to be great! Here’s a snipet from the revival that our production will be modeled after–I’ll be playing the chick in the hat (don’t bring the little ones, folks, this one’s rated R).

So I’ll be really busy the next few weeks, but no worries, I’m not neglecting the blog. I’m constantly thinking of new ideas for Cushion Cut, not only topics but broadening and enhancing my online social presence (still getting to know Twitter and Polyvore). And I’ve been writing a TON lately, much of it just hasn’t been published yet (working on that quality!). I’ve also been working on some exciting cross-blog prospects that I hope to tell you about soon!

*big drama on the daycare front, by the way…I see another NAMB post in the future


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