7 Word Stories

12 Oct

Researching mental fitness for the Wellness Campaign, I stumbled across this brain teaser that purportedly strengthens verbal reasoning: write a short story using only seven words. Evidently it boosts creativity and the ability to communicate concisely.

I have a little problem with brevity in the written word–not sure if you knew–so I decided to give it a try. Assuming the story had to be exactly seven words, not more or less, I made these feeble attempts.

I like potatoes, but not French fries.
Cats steal your breath in the mornings.
We work Wednesdays, not Saturdays, you idiot.
You need a beginning, middle, and end.

I got stumped on the last sentence. Not because I can’t think of any more seven word sentences–sad fact: I could do that all day–but because I think that’s what a true story should have: a beginning, middle, and end. Easy if I had seven sentences, but in seven words? Er…

The chick that stalked me got arrested.
He left me and I almost died.
Dinosaurs once lived here, but they exploded.

Hmm. There’s a little more action, but it seems like there’s still only a beginning and an end. How can I fit in a middle? Also: Now I’m kinda depressed.

I studied, graduated, and found a job.

OK, now I’m really depressed. But at least there’s a middle. Hey! Do hyphenated words count as one?

Sausage-eating monkeys broke wind and broke free.

Doesn’t that paint a picture? But I’m still not quite sure that counts. Ah! I’ve got it. The only real short story is love, non?

He smiled, I winked, now we’re married.

What’s your seven word story?



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