The one person who doesn’t like fall

21 Sep

“All day at school, all I hear is boots. Boots, boots, boots, boots, boots, boots, boots! Whatever happened to sneakers?”

I am about to bust out laughing at Lily, one of my dance kids, and her sad tale. It is so close to my own. I may or may not have a pair of fall boots en route to my home as I write, but I would much prefer they were flip flops. Autumn has crept up on us, and even though the afternoons are still lovely and warm, I’ve had to fish out a hoodie for T in the morning.

Everyone I know has been heralding this time of year like it was Jesus arriving instead of cold weather. The reasons people give for loving autumn are all the same, and in my opinion, all dubious:

Boots (of course)
Hot drinks, i.e. cider, hot chocolate, Pumpkin Spice Latte
Christmas is around the corner (???!?!?!)

I may lose friends over this, but I’ll say it. Fall is the worst. I would happily move to an equator locale, where it never dips below 72 and you can wear a bathing suit all year. Reasons to dislike fall (all much more compelling than the above, I dare say):

Allergies. I get them way worse now than in the spring.
I have to actually put shoes on T, which means I have to find shoes that fit him.
It’s cold enough for flannel PJs when you get into bed, but during the night it gets too hot and they end up on the floor. Then you have to search for them in the dark when your baby cries/cat meows at 6:30 AM.
It’s hurricane season.
It’s cold getting out of the shower.
Dresses and skirts now have to be worn with stockings or tights. Ugh and ick.
Iced coffee is way better than hot coffee.
My hair gets frizzy.
Less daylight. Unless you’re a vampire or allergic to sunlight, how is that ever a good thing?
Static shock every time you get in and out of the car.
Fall is rainy season in Georgia. We never get nice leaves anyway.
Layers are annoying. You always forget your jacket at work because it’s freezing in the morning, and 900 degrees in your car in the afternoon.
Speaking of that, it’s impossible to find a comfortable temperature in your car. Windows down is a nice option—if you don’t have hair.
My feet won’t be warm again till May.
Halloween offers two choices for females: stay warm and look frumpy, or be cute and suffer.

A bien tot, summer. Your faithful lover will be waiting for you next year.


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