When nothing’s going right

10 Sep

I had one of those weekends that, you know, wasn’t good. It happens. While wallowing in self-pity reflecting in bed last night, I came to the conclusion that it’s really the little things that get you down. I mean, a bad day is usually set off by one significant event—one thing that could rightly be called “big”—but the rest of it is an accumulation of small bummers. Stuff that wouldn’t really bother you under normal circumstances, but that today are causing you to make hyperbolically dramatic statements. Statements such as: My life is worthless–I can’t even roll quarters, and, aagh my alarm is going off! Why does God hate me?

There are people in the world who are able to brush off the big thing and not allow the little things to exacerbate the situation. I am not one of those people. But I’d like to become one, so instead of listing my grievances (very tempting), I’m going to go all Julie Andrews on you and list some little things that are good. And hey, none of them involve Schadenfreude; I feel like I should get bonus points for that.

Wireless computer mice. I never realized how much I was fighting with the old corded one.

Normal test results. This is actually a big one. I had a scary kidney protein count during a routine life insurance exam, but the retest came back normal. So I won’t have to pay the highest life insurance premium, and also, my kidneys aren’t failing.

Cocoa butter. Feels nice and smells great.

Book fairs. Turns out they’re just as exciting now as when I was eight.

Fresh hair color. Always a pick-me-up, don’t you think?

Fortuitous discounts. I’ve always wanted a pair of riding boots and these are 60% off at Zulily today.

Adorable significant others.  Was there ever a cuter spouse than P? Doubt it.

Fall skies. Even though summer is my favorite season, there’s something about the blue of the sky in fall that is really extraordinary.

Grandpas with their grandsons. Hearing my dad read in the Cookie Monster voice to T last night was pretty cute and hilarious.

People who are even more hyperbolically dramatic than you. That would be fictional teenagers, of course. Indulging in A Great and Terrible Beauty and Gossip Girl—it’s like chocolate.  So good and so bad.

Speaking of… Chocolate. Cadbury dark is the best!

I feel better already! If you were to make a rainy-heart day list, what would you put on it?


One Response to “When nothing’s going right”

  1. maiseylou September 11, 2012 at 3:15 pm #

    They are wonderful things. Imagine this blog written by someone in sub-Saharan africa:

    1. Got a cup full of fresh water!
    2. No Cholera
    3. Warlords took the day off
    4. Hyenas didn’t attack my children
    5. No culturally imposed rape… etc etc

    Face it, our lives are pretty good, cheap riding boots or no cheap riding boots! 🙂

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