My six month DIY project, or, why I don’t craft more often

31 Aug

Another little known–OK, very well publicized–fact about me is that I am terrible at crafts. I literally cannot cut my way out of a paper bag. At least not in a straight line.

But a while ago, I pinned this project from Offbeat Mama on my Pinterest Board: a picture bio. This is one I figured I could do. Here is the original:

So here we are, only half a year later (and three months after T turned one–the occasion for which I was making it), and I finally finished my version.

As you can see, I like more pictures.

There are some image display issues with mine, like the paw prints, but they didn’t show up in the printed verison. And yep, I did indeed creep the same blue baby silhouette.

This is a pretty easy and unique gift, and it certainly doesn’t have to be baby-themed; you could do an anniversary or wedding, or a bar mitzvah, or whatever. So if you want to try it, here is how I did it:

1. Write the story. Creativity is great, but not essential. As you can see, I pretty much copied the original.

2. Find some images to go with it. I got all mine free with a Google Image search. I just cut-and-pasted everything I liked onto a Word document to pick from later.

3. Layout your draft. I made it ledger size (11×17) just because that’s the biggest paper I had on hand. I used Adobe Indesign, but you could use anything–there’s a similar freeware program on the web, or you could even use a word processor (if you do that, I recommend putting your text in text boxes instead of writing it straight into the document).

4. Place your text first, then add the images. Mess around with the font type, size, spacing, and even direction to make it fit and look interesting. You might have to add or delete some things. Add the text color last. I based the font colors on my images. Sort of.

5. Print a draft on plain letter paper first. I learned that the hard way. Print final, frame, and finished!

Finding a freakin’ frame is a story in and of itself, but I’ll spare you the details. I ended up with this one from Amazon for about $20. Ta da!


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