Nail DIY

28 Aug

Today is one of those days when I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t run into anyone I know, because I look a mess. I was out late last night doing a surprise flash mob at Jeffrey Fashion Cares, a charity fashion show (yep, dress shopping for this posh event was the previously referenced secret girly mission). It was really fun, but the bags under my itchy eyes, frizzy-flat hair, and the weird outfit I threw on this morning are quite a sight. But at least I have cute nails!

This graduated glitter look is the only Pinterest project I have legitimately tried. But I like it–sparkly fun, but the subtle colors make it SFW. (The lighting in the room made the color kinda blech-y, but you get the idea).

If you want to try the look, here’s how:

1. Paint two thin coats of whatever base color you like. (Thin so that they dry faster).

2. Apply one coat of glitter polish to the base of the nail. You don’t have to be too precise, especially with clear glitter like this.

3. After drying somewhat, apply a second coat of glitter, pulling it up a tiny bit further than the first coat, about halfway up the nail, to get the little trail of sparkles.

4. Add an optional third coat of glitter to the base if needed. The paint at the base will be really thick, so get comfy for about 40 minutes of drying time.

5. Add a top coat to the tips if you like, to prevent chipping.

Update: if you’re interested, the polish I used was Revlon Bare Bones, Wet n’ Wild Kaleidescope, and Essie no chip top coat (put your money where it counts, I say).


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