8 Aug

Last weekend, I experienced my first celebrity sighting. The hubs and I went out for hibachi (maximizing our babysitting buck with dinner and a show. BAM.), and who should be sitting at the corner table but Vince Vaughn.

I probably don’t spot celebrities because I don’t recognize them.  I spent 5 minutes arguing that it wasn’t really him until the waiter told us it was. But in my defense, he was pretty dang average looking—and so were all the people sitting at his table. No need for full-out glamour at Benihanas, evidently.

I’m not the world’s biggest VV fan (my brother and I are of a mind; when I texted him about it, he wrote back: cool! tell him he’s not funny.). But for those who are interested in a little other-half voyeurism, he was drinking red wine and Coronas with no lime, with the occasional sake bomb thrown back for good measure.

I can’t be nearly as specific about my second sighting of the night.

Our original date plan, which got rained out, had been to take a local ghost tour. It seemed like an appropriate alternative to our typical Friday night—namely, watching random paranormal shows On Demand. You’re encouraged to bring along a camera to try to capture spirit orbs in all the haunted spots. Maybe that’s where my head was at when around 3:00 AM, I woke up and saw a shape standing near the bed. I was half asleep, but it seemed like a man. Abnormally tall and wearing a hat. It was like a shadow made of TV static, and completely unaware of me and utterly still. It was staring out of the window. Then it sort of dissolved or faded. My brain managed a monosyllabic “huh” before sinking back to sleep.

Although I definitely wasn’t dreaming, likely as not it was some sort of tired eye trick. Not because I don’t believe in ghosts—I do—but because I am not at all sensitive to that kind of thing (I mean, come on. I can’t even spot live celebrities). I have a theory about “ghosts.” They’re energy residue from the past, like the ring left by a sweating glass on a stack of paper or a water mark on a dollar bill. These watermarks are visible to people who are sensitive to them or who are in certain states of mind. This figure, whatever it was, seemed exactly like that. A leaf rubbing from another time, outlined on our bedroom window.

Are you a sensitive? Or a skeptic?


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