Hakuna Matata

10 Jan

We are a little less than three weeks away from the opening of my current choreography project, and it’s time to start panicking.

Or not.

All the pieces, save one, are already set and have been worked at least once. There have been very few absentee holes during rehearsals, and thus very little catching up/rehashing to do. I cannot begin to explain how much smoother things go when the proper people show up at the proper date and time (and to fellow performers, I don’t have to). Somebody wiser than I put it elegantly that showing up is half the battle. To that I would add showing up *on time* is half the battle…we’re all still working on that one HA.

We still have this week and next to refine everything we have done so far. We definitely have our share of the usual chaos–too much talking, lots of wandering off, a few ‘tude issues, some slight disorganization–then of course there’s always the chance that I’ll go up on own choreography (with everything swimming around in my head lately, it’s happening a-scary-lot). But I’m actually, dare I say it, quite pleased with the progress.

But ask me again next week. 😉


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