Do Re Mi

29 Oct

I am excited to resume vocal instruction after a couple-year hiatus. I’ve been doing a good bit of singing lately–and hope to be continuing that pattern in the future–and I’ve always felt that out of the three “threats,’ singing is my weakest.
After being diagnosed with GERD I have medical motivation too. I’m hoping to have medical funding as well, but that process, unsurprisingly, is moving at a snail’s pace.
I went to the vocal evaluation yesterday. Heidi, the instructor, ran me through a battery of questions about my health, habits, and goals. Then she took me through some diagnostic-type scales and exercises, and last, I sang a couple of songs. Then we had to listen back to them, which anyone who has ever had to listen to their own voice will tell you, is utterly heinous.
Anyway. I was utterly shocked to learn that, contrary to my self-understanding for the past five years, I am not a mezzo soprano belter. I am actually a classical soprano 1. Or, I should say, my voice is.
After this pronouncement I essentially stared her down with my mouth agape, since I can’t even remember the last time I’d been auditioned for , much last been cast in, a legit soprano role. I seem to remember singing some statospheric notes in a recently performed play (which shall remain nameless) for which my larnyx was very angry with me.
The role I’m currently performing, however, is a mezzo pop belt, and it’s a typical sound for most current Broadway productions. I told her as much, and that while I wanted to expand my vocal range, I also wanted to improve my capabilities in the former as well.
Heidi told me all the things that “she noticed” (i.e. are horribly wrong) with my voice, for example, supporting too high and popping over my break, and they were the same things I’ve noticed and disliked about my voice. Heidi put it that I “have a beautiful head voice, chest voice, and mix. Now we are going to make them all ONE voice.”


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