Knock Knock

17 Sep

Tuesday I was invited to audition for Horizon Theatre’s Family Series production of Madeleine’s Christmas. Even though I am ridiculously overwhemlmed schedule-wise right now, I don’t think I can pass up the opporunity for a paying gig. I have no idea how they got my name, or what in the world part I could be called for (they’re calling actual little girls as well) but I’m glad it’s starting to get out there! When I spoke to the coordinator she said to prepare two songs and a short monologue..kind of intense for a one-hour play about magic carpets, but I’m game. For my belt I’m going to sing “Here I Am” from Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, because it has French phrases in it, and for legit soprano “Lovely” from Forum because it’s gentle without being a total downer ballad. The monologue is evidently optional, and I don’t have anything in my rep that’s good for the show, plus I haven’t done a monolgue audition since college, so it’s a big temptation to opt right on out. But would that be a bad step? Even if I’m totally inappropriate for the show, at least I will have been seen and possible considered for the future, right?

After this audition I will probably be inspired to write a post about the monologue at auditions. A taste: Can we PLEASE all recognize that this, the SAT of live theatre, is a terrible measure of talent? It’s more a measure of how good you are at figuring out your type–a useful skill, yes, but relevant to being cast in one specific role? No. You know what is relevant? READING FOR THE ROLE. Anyway, more later.


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