Let’s try this one more time

28 Aug

Tomorrow we make a third attempt to find dancers for Other People’s Musicals. The producer has been plastering the walls of local performing arts high schools and universities with flyers announcing the casting call, which is being held tomorrow at Salsasambo in midtown. Since the flyer didn’t request a reply, or even provide any contact info, we have no idea how many people might show up. Of course I’d rather have a horde than a handful, if I had to pick. As an auditionee, I get sketched out when I go to an open call with hardly anyone there. It’s like, what does everyone know that I don’t?
The principals have already been cast, and I have to say I’m a little daunted by the choreographic process ahead. Normally dancers are meant to adapt to the choreography. Due to individual stregnths and weaknesses of the talent, I’ll have to customize the movement for each person, on top of music with which I’m still trying to familiarize myself in a medium (film) that I’m not entirely used to combining with dance. Not to mention I have to somehow create and teach said movement while simultaneously rehearsing two other productions.
Stay tuned, this oughta be interesting.


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