Rehearsal roller coaster

21 Aug

This week began with our first meeting/read through for Thirteen Hours. Although Malcolm (the director) emailed us scripts beforehand, I hadn’t really had time to read it–not to mention the massive amount of toner and paper to print it–so this was the first time I’d really hear the entire show. We also listened to the music numbers which had been pre-recorded by previous cast members.
The atmosphere was very relaxed; Patrick and I lounged on a couch and there was a dog and a baby present to provide endless distraction and entertainment. I really liked the material. It’s kind of like Sex and the City meets RENT, only set in Atlanta instead of New York. Patrick’s solo is really cute. He’s also really cute in his concern for doing it justice.
Jen told me later that the director thought I nailed the character in my reading and the MD had been thrilled when they heard me sing at auditions. I sang the same song that I did for How to Succeed auditions (I Know the Truth–LOVE that song) and I didn’t even get a call back, so I have no idea what I did differently. ( interesting topic for another post).
I attribute my wild success at the audition to the fact that there wasn’t really any competition–not to be too self-deprecating; I mean, I did blow a pretty good belt and nailed the harmony– but seriously. I was the only one reading for my part. It makes me question whether I can live up to my own hype.

Speaking of hype, I’m supposed to be drumming up butts for the seats for Sweeney Todd now. I’m hesitating. I do have confidence, probably more than most of the rest of the cast, that we’ll pull it together, if only because it’s happened in every other this-might-possibly-blow-goats-show I’ve done. But still, the judgement I’m reserving could go either way.
So far it’s been only vocal rehearsals. Had one every day this past week. We FINALLY got to sing the songs all the way through without stopping. We were meant to be off book on Wednesday, which was a laugh taking into consideration what I just mentioned (uh..we haven’t even sung the song twice at full tempo all the way through with principals? And we’re supposed to know when we come in?).
Tomorrow we block the whole shebang. We’re all acting like we’re dreading it, but I think it’s a front. I mean, at this point, any break from trying to sing with that plunky excuse for a piano is a good thing, even if it means being on our feet for six hours.
I remember during Fiddler I was freaking out because we weren’t even doing full run-throughs at first dress. But that turned out alright, so I have hopes for this show too.

Sunday will round out my wild ‘n wacky week with dance callbacks for Other People’s Musicals. All I can say is I hope people will show up. One part of me would be relieved if we didn’t find what we need, because I have so much on my plate, but this is the first chance I’ve ever had to be on the other side of casting and that’s exciting.

Tonight is my one night off in what’s shaping up to be a ridonculous couple months, and Patrick’s going to be out filming, so what are my plans? An exciting evening getting my transmission flushed at Midas, followed by a lyrical class at Dance 101, and rounded out by Gossip Girl season 2 washed down with Bud Select. Ahhh….


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