Good morning, starshine

24 Jul

This has been a long time coming.

I first considered starting a blog my freshman year of college, but hesitated–firstly because I doubted anyone would read it–but mostly because blogging seemed akin to journaling, an intensely private thing. Time and exposure have taught me differently, and this blog’s intent is very much like others of its kind, as a sort of newsletter to keep current and potential contacts abreast of the current events in my life.

An artist of any kind must by necessity be a public person. An entity unto oneself, or to put it more practically, a self-contained business. As a performer specifically, we dredge up personal experiences, apply them to someone else’s words, and blow them up poster size for the world to see. This new endeavor is simply another tentacle of the presence I’m creating, both as a “business” and as a practitioner of my various crafts.

Expect to find here updates about projects I’m working on, reflections on different aspects of the industry, practical advice and tips I’ve come across, and links to other useful or interesting pages.

Although I christen this blog with the most professional of intents, there will of course be some opinions, the first of which is I can’t believe Janette got booted off So You Think You Can Dance!


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